Francisco Allendes: The Sound of the Underground

Tuesday, Sep 5, 2023

Chilean DJ and producer Francisco Allendes has been one of the most pivotal artists in shaping the underground sound of ANTS. Best known as the weekly host of ANTS RADIO SHOW, Francisco Allendes has been keeping The Colony moving since the first years of ANTS, first as a regular guest and then as a resident, both in Ibiza and around the world for ANTS TOUR.

Born in Santiago, Chile, Francisco was introduced to classical music at an early age by a neighbour, and by age 10, he had a significant collection of tapes and vinyls from composers like Bach, Vivaldi, Mozart and Beethoven. His love of classical music led him to study the violin and eventually guitar, through which he began playing in bands.

Inspired by Frank Zappa and Pink Floyd, it was through these influences that Francisco explored synthesisers and eventually found electronic music. Early electronic influences included Bob Sinclar, Cassius, Dimitri from Paris and Daft Punk. While at University, Francisco started DJing with a friend and then eventually played his own solo sets.

After graduating from University, Francisco decided to try music full time and in a bid to secure more DJ gigs at parties and clubs, he decided to start a label, Andes Music with partner, Marcelo Rosselot. Andes Music was the only Chilean label to export vinyl worldwide at that time which led to bookings in Argentina, Peru, Brazil, Ecuador, Uruguay and the USA.

Francisco began making his own tracks to play in his DJ sets and put his classical training to good use in the studio. Releasing a number of collaborations with artists, including Delete, Gummish and Felipe Venegas, it was with the latter that Francisco would find his breakout success.

The pair had worked together on “Llovizna”, and on a trip to Ibiza, Francisco was offered a residency at Ushuaïa Ibiza on the spot thanks to the crowd reaction from this track.

From that moment Francisco moved to Ibiza full-time and has lived on the island ever since. After a few years of playing for Ushuaïa Ibiza, Francisco got involved with the newly created ANTS and has been a vital part of The Colony ever since.

Alongside bringing the sounds of the underground to the dANTSfloor every week, Francisco would continue to work in the studio, releasing on respected labels, including Crosstown Rebels, Desolat, Moon Harbour and Saved, and Viva Music.

Francisco has now recorded over 270 episodes of ANTS RADIO SHOW and has performed throughout the summer for ANTS 10 YEARS STRONG at Ushaïa Ibiza. Next up, he’s joining Hot Since 82, Wade and Yousef on Saturday, 9th September. You can explore the residency and get your tickets on the button below.