Uner from Spain


Since his debut in Diynamic in 2009 until his Newcomer Dj Award in 201 3, UNER has doubtlessly had the time of his life. After a whole life devoted to music, the reward comes in the shape of success among audience and critics, gigs all over the globe and his music released by the best electronic music labels; he’s a regular at labels like Cadenza, Cocoon, Visionquest, Cécille or Diynamic, the label which will release on 201 4 his debut album, “432”, the most personal view of a UNER that loves house, techno, melodies and vocal harmonies, a work that shows the ripeness and grace status of this Dj and producer.

This last year has been the best in UNER’s career, reaching outstanding positions in the most important Resident Advisor tops (most charted artists top 1 0, 3 tracks in the year’s top 1 00, most charted artists ever top 40). Doubtlessly, 201 2 was a great year, but UNER’s ambition makes everything accomplished just the starting point for the next step. The results are at display, as much in Ibiza, where he actively takes part in important parties like Ants (Ushuaia), Insane (Pacha), Diynamic Neon Nights (Sankeys) or Carl Cox The Revolution (Space), as in the rest of Europe (being a regular at clubs like Berlin’s Watergate or at festivals like Sonar or Monegros) and in America, where he tours both North and South on an ongoing basis.

UNER unleashes his true potential during his gigs. His Dj-sets are powerful, burst with energy and personality, and are aimed at the dancefloor. His setup, constantly evolving, combines four decks, dozens of FXs, touch controllers and a sampler, so during his sessions only his creativity is the limit. He has recently presented “Mixture”, a show concept that blends the Dj-set and the live act, offering the versatility of a classic Dj session with the uniqueness and strength of a live act, including two laptops, a midi keyboard and everything required to make of UNER’s show an unforgettable experience.