Nakadia from Thailand


During the past years, a sweet Asian girl made herself a name as one of the very few globally successful female artists in electronic music: NAKADIA

The self--made wonder woman has developed from unknown Thai DJ to become the unique artist that Nakadia is today. For 11 Years Nakadia has been rocking the clubs around the world now. During March 2014 the 1000-per- formances--mark will be passed and Nakadia is just getting warm.

With Berlin as her home base since 2011, Nakadia found the time and opportunity for studio work. Her focus is on production quality rather than more output. The Technasia--Remix to her track “Check & Run” was a first club hit in 2013 and stayed within the Beatport Techno top 40 for 7 weeks. Nakadia’s “Signs of Happiness” (KD Music, De- cember 2013) got the attention of the biggest names in the business and was pointed out as “Global warmer” by no other than Carl Cox, opening his “Ibiza Global” Radio show. Now that Nakadia has the attention of some of the most influential people within the business, we can only imagine the further development of Nakadia’s career. One thing is certain: a lot more of Nakadia will be coming your way!

100+ annual performances around the globe and top quality productions also resulted in high demand for Nakadia radio sets. At least once a week some Nakadia live mix is broadcasted by an online station, be it live from the studio at “Ibiza Global Radio” or Amsterdam’s “XT3 Techno Radio” or regular pre-recorded sets like the ones on German giant “Minimal station”. Besides music lovers, club managers and bookers also DJs around the globe are loving Nakadias sound, appearance and her vibrant personality. Once you have seen Nakadia working the decks, you will find it hard to compare this Thai energy pack to any other artists around. Nakadia lives her music and celebrates track after track, mixing groovy tech tunes in such a powerful way, even the biggest sceptics turn into supporters once they saw Nakadia rocking the dancefloor. Nakadia has ”IT”, that certain something that is hard to define, but easy to point out once you have it in front of you...