Joris Voorn from Netherlands

Joris Voorn

Consult the techno flow chart and it’s easy to connect the dots between major players from DJ Rush to Carl Craig up through Laurent Garnier, yet as we move further up the well documented ladder there are scenes that seem to blur somewhat as hazy as the clubs that created them.

One name that shines brightly amongst the identities of innovators as an ever-progressing talent is Rotterdam born Joris Voorn.

Now based in Amsterdam, Voorn is by some minds a relatively new addition to the playing field and while his lifetime membership with the masters is still under growing application, the consistent caliber of his work and attention to finely detailed production certainly places him in a position of undoubted consideration.

The Dutch producer and DJ may have spent as much of his career honoring his early techno influences as he has challenging them…with early releases gathering career-changing momentum from the likes of Technasia and Dave Clarke.

With over two decades worth of live performances and an ever-increasing discography to his name(s) reaching from atmospheric interludes to broken beats, Voorn has little boundary in his melodic explorations. With a sound both identifiable and individual, the past decade has seen countless re-edits anonymously sneaking around the Internet for months and sometimes years on end.

Through bright guitar, piano and synth combinations. Voorn now has a wide range of instrumental talent at his disposal; the genius of creating music that’s by turn as adventurous and as sweetly accessible as a pop song. His last single release ‘Ringo’ was one of the biggest tracks on Beatport for 2013, with huge radio support. A euphoric modern classic.

Even in collaborations, the acoustic subtleties that sit beneath the electric pressures in tracks like “A House” that features Ninja Tunes Kid A are remarkable, a challenging level of compromise for any musician, yet in his latest full length album, that also features amongst others Matthew Dear scheduled for fall 2014 on his own “Green” imprint he has achieved an impressive harmonic balance, and the results are staggering.

As a highly respected DJ that embraces the curve of technology, He’s versatile, in a word, which is almost certainly why he’s confidently stuck an impactful chord with dance floors from Japan to Ibiza for so long without courting anything resembling popular scorn.

While many a recent tech-house cut’s impact is more often a little out of proportion to its content, there's a continuing freedom in Joris Voorn’s productions and spacious song writing that defines what makes his music resonate way beyond the electronic world